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More Joy. Less Stress.
Communicate to Create Connection instead of Division.
Hosted by Vauna Byrd
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How amazing would it be...
  • To feel understood instead of misinterpreted or judged?
  • To work out solutions without fighting or throwing your hands up?
  • To experience more joy in your family relationships?
  • To feel peace instead of stress?
  • To be the person your heart calls you to be?

Yes, you can!
Let's talk about this marriage & parenting stuff for a sec...
When you got married and started a family, you had hopes and dreams, right?
Does it feel like reality got in the way and takes a toll on the way you treat each other?
With the right tools, your hopes and dreams can become your reality. 
Joyful Family Talks is the starting point for your new reality!
This Masterclass Series brings together 10 of the most insightful coaches and thought leaders.
Each interview gives you at least 1 tip you can implement now -- real life wisdom to help you make family relationships more joyful & less stressful.
You'll discover:
❤︎  How to experience more joy and connection in your family relationships.

❤︎  Why it seems like your spouse doesn't hear you (and how to actually feel understood).

❤︎  That your kids listen more than you think (and what they need from you).

❤︎   That most marriages can recover from anything.

❤︎  How to set boundaries and be respected for it.

❤︎  What self-care actually is and why it's so important.

Meet the Joyful Family Talks Experts
Mindie Kniss
Writer, Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Working through grief & loss after the sudden death of her husband Sean Stephenson. How to hold someone in love. Making intimacy a priority. Deepening intimacy. Avoiding jealousy. Caring for someone who requires a lot of care. Self-care. Self confidence. Personal identity. Living from your heart.  
Helena Summer
Love Coach
From a refugee to a nun, to an arranged marriage, to what she learned dating 500 men. How to change a cold relationship to warmth & connection. Self-care. Learning to love self. Can a marriage recover from infidelity?
Nikki Revis
Fitness Club Owner, Trainer, Podcaster, Speaker
Learning to love self. Self-care. Alleviating pressure & guilt. Reducing stress. Alignment vs. balance. Raising trustworthy kids. Getting kids to help. Making marriage easier. Releasing resentment. Building a bond with your kids.
Anat Peri
Coach, Founder of Training Camp for the Soul
Ending stupid fights. Men's needs, women's needs. Intimacy. Getting through rocky places in relationship. Self Care. Self love. Reducing stress. Changing negative patterns. Dealing with how our parents hurt or disappointed us. Boundaries.
Liz Solar
Voice Actor, Podcaster, Coach, Novelist
Saying no when needed. Avoiding blow ups. Getting through sudden death of spouse due to drug overdose. Step parenting. Helping kids move out into the world. Helping shy kids feel safe to be heard. Dealing with people being unreasonable.
Sharon Costanzo
Marriage Coach, Podcaster
Handling expectations you're not up to fulfilling. Changing negative patterns. Handling kids who don't respect. Setting and stating boundaries. Toxic vs. unhealthy. Conflict management. Being honest and direct.
Josh Aronovitch
Former Attorney, Empowered Leadership Coach
Getting kids to listen and talk to you. Helping kids make good decisions. Being fully present for our kids. Handling rebellion. Maintaining closeness to kids when they move out. Why marital struggles tend to arise when kids move out.
Elisha Covey
Business Owner, Coach, Speaker
How to enjoy working with your spouse. Lowering stress. Self-care. Trust after betrayal. Perfectionism vs excellence. PMS. Communicating our needs. Getting your kids to talk to you. Building a bond with your kids. Choosing the right friends. 
Roland Byrd
Writer, Transformational Coach
Staying mindful of where you're going. Recognizing love when you didn't grow up with it. Learning to parent without good role models. Control vs influence. Forgiving yourself. Effective communication. How to get kids to talk and listen. Meditation.
Vauna Byrd
Family Coach, Podcaster
Handling hurtful behaviors. Can you change your spouse? Is your marriage worth saving? Step parenting. Dealing with people being unreasonable. Forgiveness. Following your intuition. Ho'oponopono. 
About your host
In 2008 I was preparing divorce papers. But something spoke to my heart, telling me to wait and see if we could work things out. So instead I filed for legal separation.

We both began working on ourselves and on our marriage.

There were so many times I almost walked away during our separation, which lasted the next 3 years.

And when we reconciled, we had many, many things to work through.

It took us several years of trial and error (as well as a lot of study and training). But we finally came up with a set of guidelines that allows us to have productive conversations. We actually almost argue anymore. And when we do we recover much more quickly. Ten years ago I would not have thought this was possible!

We’ve both had to forgive deep wounds that would have ended most marriages. But what we found on the other side was a haven, a beautifully sculpted garden that we have carefully crafted and nurtured which brings us deeper love, joy, and connection than I knew was possible. 

Building a vibrant marriage and family is the best part of my life. It's the most difficult and the most rewarding thing I've done. My family brings me tremendous joy. Yours can too. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with you.
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